Data Center Solutions

Data Center solutions require purpose-built switching equipment to provide a high density, high performance, low latency and power efficient foundation for your most demanding Data Center and Cloud deployments. SDN solutions enable an agile, open and secure Data Center networking architecture. You can reduce your TCO, automate IT tasks and accelerate application deployments.

Our Data Center switching architectures are designed for mission-critical infrastructures that require high resiliency and availability. As your business grows, your Data Center must accommodate increased network traffic without compromising scalability, manageability and sustainability.

Our senior network & security architects will help you to design a secure, future proof, reliable and efficient Data Center networking infrastructure. They will select the most appropriate technology to address your business needs as well as your operational requirements in a cost-effective manner.

IT Networks (WAN & LAN)

Information Technology (IT) refers to wide or local area networks for installation in office environments. IT networks are based on Ethernet switches and routers available in different form factors. The LAN network can be a combination of wired (copper or fiber) and wireless (Wi-Fi) communication links.
In today’s digital economy IT networks play a vital role in the operation of most companies. Your IT infrastructure needs to support your business applications with high rates of reliability and availability. Your IT network must also enable secure digital (e-commerce) interactions with your various business partners.

Our senior network & security architects will help you to design a secure and reliable IT networking infrastructure and they will select the most appropriate security enabled network solution to address your business needs as well as your operational requirements in a cost-effective manner.

OT Networks (Industrial)

Operational Technology (OT) refers to industrial control systems (ICS) such as supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, distributed control systems (DCS), remote terminal units (RTU) and programmable logic controllers (PLC). Since OT systems supervise industrial processes, real time processing is required with high rates of reliability and availability.

OT networks are based on purpose-built industrial Ethernet switches with rugged connectors and extended temperature characteristics for automation or process control in an industrial environment. OT network components used in plant process areas must be designed to work in harsh environments of temperature extremes, humidity and vibration that exceed the range for IT equipment intended for installation in controlled environments. The use of fiber optic Ethernet variants reduces the problems of electrical noise and provides electrical isolation. The use of a modified Media Access Control (MAC) layer protocol provides low latency and determinism required for industrial processing.

Our senior network architects will help you to design a reliable OT networking infrastructure and they will select the very best industrial switching solution addressing your operational requirements for real-time industrial processing.

Last Mile Solutions

Our comprehensive portfolio of last mile solutions contains access systems for all FTTx network architectures: optical fiber based for active and passive optical network architectures as well as copper based with VDSL/vectoring/ products.

Our senior network architects will help you to design and select the last mile solution best suited for your network cabling.

Management Systems

DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management (DDI)

Network landscapes are rapidly evolving, driven by trends in security, virtualization, cloud, SDN, NFV, IPv6 adoption and the Internet of Things (IoT). These demands require advanced solutions for executing DNS, DHCP and IP address management (IPAM), critical network services collectively known as DDI.

To a large degree, your network is only as resilient as your DNS, because this system plays such a central role in connecting the devices and applications across your business. By using a purpose-built DNS solution, you can achieve the high availability, efficiency, security and application response times your business needs.

The rise of mobile devices and the introduction of IPv6 are putting growing pressure on your organization to provide and effectively manage vast numbers of IP addresses, while overseeing DHCP activities more efficiently. With the integrated DDI platform, you can handle your most challenging IPAM and DHCP requirements with ease.

Our senior network & security engineers will help you to design a DDI solution that addresses your DNS, DHCP and IPAM network services needs.

Network Management/Monitoring System (NMS)

Would you fly in a plane where controls either didn’t exist – or were ignored? Neither would we. The same is true of ensuring that your organization has the right monitoring in place for your critical networks and applications. Investing in the right tools for your network monitoring helps you stay on top of potential issues, improve performance and keep your business soaring.

Today’s networks include complex devices that play key roles in the network but can be challenging to monitor and manage. It’s time to get more transparency into critical network switches, firewalls and load balancers. Gone are the days of being left in the dark, only able to monitor up/down status.

Most network monitoring tools are only good until you hit your firewall. After that, it’s all a mystery. How can you see what’s really happening with your network if half of it is out of your control? That’s why you need a solution that gives you end-to-end visibility across the entire delivery path.

Our senior network & security engineers will help you to select a NMS system that addresses your network management & monitoring needs.